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The following beers is an archive of beers that have been brewed by 8 SAIL BREWERY
as specials, one-offs or dropped from the range.

Brown Ale

Brown Ale

4.5% abv

A Brown Ale, no longer produced.

Old Ruby Ale

Old Ruby Ale
Available until December 2013

4.0% abv

Crystal, Amber and Black malts give a rich ruby colour and flavour. Complemented with Bramling Cross hops to give a balanced overall taste.


Available Summer 2012

4.0% abv

Brewed as a one-off beer in celebration of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Due to its popularity it is now in production as BLONDE.

Baltic Amber Pumpclip
Baltic Amber
Available during 2013

6.4% abv

A rich Amber Ale, a beer popular in Britain from the mid-1700s until the outbreak of WW1. Flavours from Pale and Amber malts dominate with British hops giving balance and subtle undertones. Recreated to remember the days when the ports of The Wash were the gateway to prosperous trade with the Baltic States.

Damson Pale Ale

Damson Pale Ale
Available Summer 2013

4.2% abv

A seasonal pale refreshing beer packed with flavour from Marynka hops and local Damsons.

Gold 'n' Porter

Gold 'n' Porter
Available July 2013

4.7% abv

Prepared exclusively for the 8 Sail Brewery 2013 Beers of Lincolnshire Beer Festival - it's all in the name!

Old Windy Miller

The Old Windy Miller
Available until March 2014

3.8% abv

A dark, fruity beer session beer. A selection of malts combine with continental hops to give a pleasant, easy drinking beer.

Winter's Ale

Winter's Ale
Available Winter 2014 / 2015

4.6% abv

A Belgian-style Dark Ale with a rich creamy head. Lightly hopped to allow the flavours of the Belgian yeast to come through.

Wheat Heart Pumpclip

Wheat Heart
Available February / March / April 2015

4.2% abv

A Belgian inspired cloudy Wheat Beer. Flavours from the malt and yeast dominate. Citrus notes and a hint of coriander complete the taste.

Golden Ale Pumpclip
Golden Ale
Available until April 2015

4.4% abv

A pale beer using 100% Pale Malt with a good balance of hop flavour, aroma & bitterness coming from the Saaz hops.

Up Tiddly Up Pumpclip
Up Tiddly Up!
Limited availability throughout 2015

4.4% abv

A Pale Ale brewed to celebrate 100 years of aviation at Cranwell. Limited availability.

Wassail Pumpclip
Available Winter 2015 / 2016

4.9% abv

A traditional malty, sweet strong Old Ale brewed to warm up the long, cold nights of the winter months.

Sail Away Pumpclip
Sail Away
Available until January 2016

5.0% abv

Brewed in the style of a German Kölsch beer with a good balance of pale malts and Dana hops.


Bard's Bitter Pumpclip

Bard's Bitter
Available April / June 2016

4.4% abv

A Traditional English Bitter brewed to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the life and works of the great playwright, poet and actor, William Shakespeare, who died on
St. George’s Day 1616.

LIV Strong Pumpclip
LIV Strong
Available May / December 2016

4.5% abv

A Pale Ale brewed with malts and hops to reflect 54 Squadron, Rpyal Air Force’s European history. Brewed to celebrate the Squadron's 100th anniversary.

Flour Power Pumpclip
Flour Power
Available until August 2016

4.2% abv

A refreshing light floral hoppy Pale Ale flavoured with Marynka hops. Aroma is orange citrus and floral; taste is similar with a balanced sweet and sour palate.

Available until December 2016

4.6% abv

A lightly hopped Red Ale. Well-rounded and balanced with a pleasant toasted malt character.

Merry Miller

Merry Miller
Available until January 2017

4.1% abv

A traditional mid-brown Best Bitter. The malts give a nutty, malty flavour and, hopped with Fuggles and Goldings, gives a good balance.

Little Willie Pumpclip
Little Willie
Available until July 2017

4.5% abv

A pale amber ale crafted with English and Belgian malts and flavoured with English Goldings and French Fuggle hops to symbolise the areas where the British tank, invented in Lincoln 100 years ago, first saw action. Brewed for the 100th anniversary of the tank.

British Hops Logo

New varieties of hops are being developed as part of the revival of "The Great British Hop". Our SINGLE HOP BEER series were brewed to allow the driner appreciate the exciting flavour and aromas of these new hops or revisit some of the early hop hybrids.

Available March - May 2014

4.2% abv

The first of our 'Best of British Hops' series, this single hopped pale ale has been created to allow the floral, peachy characteristics of the new Baron hop to be savoured.


Available May - July 2014

4.2% abv

The second of our 'Best of British Hops' series, this single hopped pale ale has been created to allow the honey and spicy characteristics of the new experimental G1070 hop to be savoured.


Available July - August 2014

4.2% abv

The third of our 'Best of British Hops' series, this single hopped Pale Ale has been created to allow the distinctive spicy, blackcurrant, loganberry and lemony citrus characteristics of the Bramling Cross hop to be savoured. Bred from a cross in 1927 between Bramling (one of the traditional Golding varieties) and a male seedling of the Manitoban (Canadian) wild hop, Bramling Cross has now made something of a comeback in traditional cask conditioned beers because of its very distinctive characteristics. 

Jester Pumpclip

Available March - May 2015

4.2% abv

This, the latest, of our 'Best of British Hops' series is a single hopped Pale Ale has been created to allow the blackcurrant, grapefruit and lychees characteristics of the new Jester hop to be savoured. 

Endeavour Pumpclip

Available June - August 2015

4.2% abv

The latest of our 'Best of British Hops' series is a single hopped Pale Ale created to allow the complex mix of blackcurrant and other red berries and spicy earthiness of the Endeavour hop to be savoured.

Green Man 2013

Green Man 2013
Seasonal - Available Autumn 2013

3.8% abv

A refreshing 'green hopped' Harvest Ale hopped with Golding hops fresh from the bine at Stocks Farm in Worcestershire.

Green Man 2014

Green Man
Seasonal - Available Autumn 2014 & Autumn 2016

4.2% abv

A refreshing 'green hopped' Harvest Ale hopped with Golding hops fresh from the bine at Pridewood Farm in Herefordshire.
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