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Handpump DEACON JOHN ALES Series

All beers are available in Cask and as Bottle-Conditioned beers (unless indicated).



Our core beer range. In production throughout the year.
Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone
(Stone-ground Pale Ale)

4.3% abv

Using locally grown barley malted at Bairds in Grantham and milled at the adjacent Heckington 8-Sailed Windmill, this Pale Ale is hopped with new British Hop Varieties. Combining the old and the new - wind power milling and new hops, this unique beer is truly 'From Field to Flagon'.

Windmill Bitter
Windmill Bitter
(Session Bitter)

3.8% abv

A pale amber session bitter with a nice blend of malt and hops. Available in Cask only.

(Blonde Ale)

4.0% abv

A blonde beer made with Pale and Lager Malt and gently hopped with European hops to create a refreshing taste.

Fenman Bitter

Fenman Bitter
(Best Bitter)

4.1% abv

A traditional amber Bitter with well-balanced flavours from the English malts and hops.

Mill Stone
(Premium Bitter)

4.5% abv

A modern premium bitter with a good balance of malt flavours and hops.

Windy Miller Stout

Windy Miller
(Oat Malt Stout)

4.6% abv

A rich dark smooth flavoured stout brewed with a generous amount of oat malt.

Victorian Porter
Victorian Porter

5.0% abv

A true Porter brewed to the classic Victorian recipe using Pale, Brown and Black Malts. Hopped with Fuggles for bitterness and Goldings for aroma and flavour.

2016 CAMRA Champion Winter Beer of Britain Porter Category BRONZE
2014 CAMRA East Midlands Champion Beer of Britain Porter Category GOLD
2014 SIBA East - Bottled Porters, Milds, Old Ales & Stouts GOLD
2013 CAMRA East Midlands Champion Beer of Britain RAIB SILVER

SIBA Gold Medal 2014 - Victorian Porter
CAMRA Victorian Porter Awards
John Barleycorn IPA
John Barleycorn
(English IPA)

5.5% abv

Brewed to recreate the taste of an original English IPA using English Fuggles and Goldings hops.


Seasonal beers available in cask as indicated, however, bottle-conditioned beers may be available for a slightly longer period.
King Johns Jewels Pumpclip
King John's Jewels
(Golden Ale)
Special - Call for availability

4.5% abv

A Golden Ale brewed to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta and the death of King John the following year.

Black Widow
Black Widow
(Dark Ruby Mild)
Special - Call for availability

5.5% abv

A strong Dark Ruby Mild echoing the Milds of the Victorian age. Dark malt and liquorice flavours dominate.


Millwright Mild
(Traditional Mild)
Seasonal - Available Spring

4.0% abv

Rich dark flavours from the dark malts are balanced lightly with Challenger and Goldings hops.

8 Sail Ale Pumpclip
8 Sail Ale
(Pale Ale)
Seasonal - Available Summer

3.8% abv

A traditional easy drinking session Pale Ale lightly hopped.


Damson Porter

Damson Porter
(Fruit Porter)
Seasonal - Available Autumn

5.0% abv

Damsons have been added to give a full bodied fruitiness to the rich, complex flavours provided by the Pale, Brown & Black malts. Aroma is bitter with caramel malty tones. Flavour is malty, slightly fruity with a bitter finish.

2014 CAMRA East Midlands Champion Beer of Britain RAIB Dark GOLD
2013 SIBA East - Bottled Speciality Beers SILVER

SIBA Silver Medal 2013 - Damson PorterCAMRA RAIB (Dark) 2014 - Damson Porter
Green Man 2014

Green Man
(Harvest Ale)
Seasonal - Available Autumn

4.2% abv

A refreshing 'green hopped' Harvest Ale hopped with fresh hops straight from the bine. Hop variety varies from year to year.
Read the full story here.


A series of historical ale styles reflecting the tastes of yesteryear.
Imperial Oat Malt Stout
Imperial Oat Malt Stout
(Occasional brew)

6.8% abv

A black beer brewed with generous amounts of black and oat malt. The addition of linseed and liquorice combine to create an intense smooth, rich flavour.


The 'Deacon John Ales' series of American style beers commemorate the heritage link between Lincolnshire and the early settlers in America.  Deacon John Doane was one of the first settlers in The Americas and greeted the Pilgrim Fathers on their arrival.  He was made an Assistant Governor of the settlement in 1633 and, more memorably, was one of the first of the new settlers to be prosecuted for selling alcohol without a license, on 2nd June 1640.  Former 8 Sail Brewery brewer, Steve (a direct descendant from Deacon John Doane), continued to follow his fore-fathers footsteps brewing here in Heckington.
After The Goldrush
After The Gold Rush
(Occasional brew)

4.6% abv

A California Common style beer. Medium bodied with a malty character. Mildly fruity with an assertive hop bitterness.

Old Colony Pumpclip
Old Colony

5.3% abv

An American style Pale Ale hopped with a combination of English Pilgrim and American hops.

2014 SIBA East - Strong Bitters GOLD

SIBA Gold Medal 2014 - Old Colony
Pacific Union pumpclip
Pacific Union
(Occasional brew)

7.3% abv

A combination of American hops are used to hop this American Style India Pale Ale.




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